Frequently Asked Questions

  With so many agencies needing money what's the benefit of choosing the Fond du Lac United Way?

  • United Way works with many community partners to identify and approach community issues in a coordinated and cost-effective manner.
  • United Way funds programs that address breaking cycles of poverty, supporting stability and independence and improving peoples health and wellness.
  • United Way tracks the return on donor investment effectiveness to ensure programs are making the community impact expected of them collectively, rather than individually.
  • Your gift stays at home. Ninety-nine percent of Fond du Lac Area United Way's revenue is spent in the Fond du Lac area every year.

  What if I work in Fond du Lac but live outside of the County?

  • Just designate your payroll gift to the Fond du Lac Area United Way by writing our full name on the line that says, "Please direct my gift to another United Way" on the pledge card.  If it doesn't say it, please ask your company campaign coordinator where you should write it in on the donation form.

  Who receives salaries from the Fond du Lac Area United Way?

  • The Fond du Lac Area United Way employs two full-time staff positions; a director and administrative assistant
  • We also serve as a training ground for many college interns through partnerships with Moraine Park Technical College,  Marian University and UW-Oshkosh.

 How much money does the Fond du Lac Area give to the United Way of America and why?

  • Our dues is three quarters of one percent  total campaign revenue.
  • Those dollars come back to us each year in the form of income from national companies solicited on our behalf by the United Way of America (UWA) and the training and technical support provided to us annually.

 Why does the Fond du Lac Area United Way ask for money every year?

  • Social issues need to be addressed on a consistent basis in order to make lasting changes in communities. 
  • Economic conditions, such as lower-wages and lay-offs unfortunately increases the need for community services.
  • The more donations United Way can raise, the less fundraising agencies should have to do for themselves

  Why not let the government just help people?

  • Government funding is shrinking at a time when more and more people need help. 
  • Many families don't qualify for government programs, but do need assistance with some aspect of their lives.    

 What if I can only afford a "small" gift?

  • Every dollar counts and small gifts add up. It's called the multiplier effect and it makes all the difference to our community.  Giving $2 weekly by payroll deduction equals $104 per year times 100 people totals $10,400, and so on.

 My spouse gives at work. Why should I give too?

  • We need the help of everyone who can afford to give a gift if we are to have a real and positive impact on our community and the needs of  people in the Fond du Lac area. 
  • Your gift will help your company's campaign to succeed.

 How much of my gift actually goes to help people?

  • The Fond du Lac Area United Way distributes 85 percent of its donations to agencies serving people in Fond du Lac County. 
  • Your gift, along with many other gifts, gives United Way an ability to fund community impact programs that range from $5,000 to $70,000.
  • All gifts last year helped to fund 28 locally operated programs that served 25,544 men, women and children in 2008. Now thats impressive!
  • 15% of funds raised goes to fundraising, community building and administrative costs, which is below the norm as defined by the Better Business Bureau and the federal Office of Management and Budget.