Different Options Available

I’ve added some different donation options on this page for you to view and choose from:

1 – There is a button that stays in one place..

2 – There is a built in form below if you prefer not to have a popup that appears with the other options.

3 – You can add a bar to the top, bottom, left or right on each screen with some wording and a button.  This will scroll with the page.  It can be on a specific page only or on any page

4 – There is a blue button in the bottom right corner.  It will scroll with you and can be placed at top, bottom, left or right.

5 – I added a goal meter as well.  The goal amount is customizable.


There are additional choices as well, but these are just a few.  If you want to see more, let us know.  Any text and pictures in the popup can also be changed.

You can also add a Goal Meter where it totals for you