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The United Youth Advisory Board was organized to educate and increase youth awareness and understanding of United Way, volunteer opportunities and community needs and services. Membership consists of juniors and seniors from area high schools in the Fond du Lac Area. Youth Board members explore issues affecting today’s youth in our community. The Youth Board conducts its own grant program, responsible for reviewing and evaluating grant requests focusing on youth issues. Youth learn to prioritize needs, review simple budgets and distribute funds based on needs. Youth Board members achieve a greater understanding of United Way, the funding process, community issues and the spirit of community service. This is a collaborative project between United Way and the Fond du Lac Area Foundation and we thank the Foundation for their support.


The United Youth Advisory Board is made up of students from local high schools, such as Fondy High School, Campbellsport High School, St. Mary Springs, STEM Institute and others. High school students make great volunteers and we seek student representation from all high schools. United Way is also seeking youth representation from WLA and Oakfield High Schools. Students interested in learning more about volunteering on the advisory board can check out our brochure and contact Amber Kilawee of United Way at 921-7010. Please see the attached application below.

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United Youth Application

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Applications are now closed for 2022.