United Way Chairman asks for Support

When I received an invitation to support the United Way as honorary campaign chairman, my company had just completed its first year as a corporate Pacesetter. It was a great opportunity for Society Insurance to give back to the community we’ve proudly called home for nearly 100 years. In September, we joined with fellow Pacesetter Fox Valley Savings Bank to kick off the 2016 annual campaign. It’s been a rewarding experience.Whenever I’ve had the opportunity to speak publicly or have something appear in print, many community members invariably mention to me that they’ve heard or seen my comments. The word is getting out, and I know our neighbors will be generous in their support.

As of mid-December, the annual fundraising campaign has reached 70 percent of our $760,000 goal. I’m proud to report our progress, which represents the generosity and hard work of so many people throughout Fond du Lac and beyond. I’d like to ask for your support to finish strong and meet our goal.n this busy time, we might all derive some holiday cheer from taking a moment to reflect on our loved ones and neighbors – those who make us feel most thankful for supportive families and a caring community. 

This year’s campaign dollars will be allocated to local agencies and programs just one month from now. Please consider supporting these outstanding programs today with your donation to the Fond du Lac Area United Way. 

Rick Parks
Fond du Lac
President and CEO
Society Insurance